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Internship Programme (IP) at Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun

1. Name of the Organization: Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun

2. Name of the Programme: Internship Programme (IP)

3. Duration: The duration of the internship will be for a maximum period of six months.

4. Number of Seats: The number of seats for the internship programme will be limited to a maximum of 6 positions per year. These positions will be advertised on WII’s website ( during January and July every year. A faculty member may not supervise more than one candidate in an academic year (April to March).

5. Brief write-up on the Programme: In order to attract motivated and talented students to work in the field of wildlife conservation, WII has initiated an Internship Programme (IP). The objective of the internship programme is two fold, viz.,
  • to provide a framework by which graduate and post-graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds may work in the Institute for a short period to  enhance their educational experience through practical work assignments; and
  • to provide the Institute’s faculty with the assistance of highly motivated and  talented students to execute work in key thematic areas in wildlife conservation. Under IP, interns with good analytical and research aptitude and capable of hard and diligent work under the guidance of Institute’s faculty will be selected.
6. Eligibility: Students studying in recognized colleges, universities and institutions of higher learning are eligible to apply for the Internship Programme (IP). Applications for the IP must be duly forwarded by the Principal/ Dean/ Registrar of the College/ University/ Institution in which the student is currently studying.

7. Topics for Work by Interns:
  • Conservation Genetics: Species-specific research, genetic diversity maps of flora and fauna, evaluation of the socio-economic causes and consequences of genetic resource loss on the livelihoods of forest communities.
  • Conservation Planning: Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) analysis of the spatial distribution of biodiversity, land-use, forest cover and watersheds, natural resource planning and management, ecological economics. Interns are required who have knowledge of Web GIS application and programming.
  • Conservation & Livelihoods: Forest-based community enterprises, women’s self-help groups and micro-enterprises, participatory resource management, initiation and development of sustainable agro-forestry systems.
  • Conservation Ecology & Management: Research projects looking at regeneration and dynamics in tropical dry forest ecosystems, especially the effects of anthropogenic fires, and of invasive species (e.g., mechanisms of invasive species success and barriers to restoration of native species).
  • Urban Environmental Education: Summer education programs and camps, school-year field trips and presentations, curriculum development for hands-on conservation studies, teacher manuals.
  • Rural Environmental Education: Linking urban and rural schools, setting up school-yard living laboratories, such as a butterfly and medicinal plant gardens, useful and endangered tree gardens, etc., and developing educational modules to use this resource, teacher training, village biodiversity surveys, curriculum development for hands-on conservation studies.
8. How to Apply: The duly filled-in application form for the Internship Programme in the prescribed format (hard copy) shall be sent to: Dean, Faculty of Wildlife Sciences, Wildlife Institute of India, P.O. Box 18, Chandrabani, Dehra Dun – 248001, Uttarakhand (India).

A committee comprising of the Dean, Research Coordinator and two scientists will select the candidates for the Internship Programme and recommend for approval of the Director, WII.

9. Foreign Students: Foreign students could also apply for internships at WII. They will have to arrange on their own the grant of visa for travel and stay in India.

11. Fee: On getting admission to the IP, the candidate will have to deposit refundable caution money as mentioned below:

Indian Student: Rs. 1,000/-
Foreign Student: US $ 25

Once the fee is deposited, the candidate will be eligible to have access to computer and GIS facilities, laboratory and library.

Candidate admitted to the IP can apply for hostel accommodation separately in the prescribed application form. A fee of Rs. 500/- per month will have to be paid by the candidate. Mess bill and other charges pertaining to boarding will have to be paid separately by the candidate.

12. Stipend: WII does not provide any Sponsorship/Scholarship to interns.

13. Contact Details:

Faculty of Wildlife Sciences,
Wildlife Institute of India,
P.O. Box 18, Chandrabani,
Dehra Dun – 248001,
Uttarakhand (India).
Telephone: +91-135-2640111-15
Fax: +91-135-2640117

14. URL (For Internship Programme):


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