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GreenZone Job Posting Services

Enables recruiters in sustainability domain to search for relevant candidates that includes – experienced job holders suitable for middle, senior and top management levels and freshers.

Who can post?

Recruiters from industries like renewable energy, consulting, manufacturing, processing, audit and certification, information technology etc looking for candidates having MBA, M. Tech, MSW, B. Tech/BE and other professional degrees. Recruiters from institutions like universities, research-based organizations, development agencies etc looking for candidates interested in full-time teaching jobs, scientific pursuits, internships, project-based assignments etc.

What kind of jobs qualify for posting?

GreenZone is a niche portal for ‘green-jobs’. Green jobs are defined  as work in manufacturing, service activities, research and development (R&D), administrative, that contribute substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality. Jobs that fulfill this criteria can be mainstream jobs or support functions also.

How much does it cost to post a single job on greenzone?

Currently, job posting services are offered at USD 30/ INR 1500 only per job for 30 days (excl taxes). In case you have a large number of jobs, you can avail of our special packages:

How to post a job?

You just have to fill the Post A Job form.

Please note that these details are required for ascertaining the appropriateness of the profile for posting under ‘green’ jobs. GreenZone is an exclusive site for ‘green careers’. Any profile not matching the criteria would be rejected by the Job Manager.

How to pay?

Payment can be made through Paypal, International Wire Transfer and via check.

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Special Annual Subscription OffersNew !

  • Post 25 Jobs: Subscribe for super package for just USD 525 or INR 26,250 (Save 30%)
  • Post 12 Jobs: Subscribe for regular packagefor just USD 288 or INR 14,400 (Save 20%)
  • Post 6 Jobs: Subscribe for easy package for just USD 162 or INR 8,100 (Save 10%)
Please Note that
  • All quoted prices are exclusive of taxes @ 12.36% as levied by Govt. of India. 
  • The prices and discounts quoted above are under special promotion scheme.

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